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About Bihu

Popular among the festivals of India celebrated in the North East, Bihu is the harvest festival of Assam. During the month-long celebrations, young men and women wear their traditional clothes and perform the Bihu dance in the village fields and courtyards. A community feast is held with a lot of fanfare.

  • It’s the traditional new year celebration of Assamese.
  • Assam is a fertile land surrounded by Blue Mountains and replenished by the mighty Brahmaputra River.
  • The occupation of the people here is agriculture and the entire society is agrarian in nature.
  • Bihu is basically a celebration of the change of the seasons.
  • Each of the three Bihu celebrations marks an important phase in the farming calendar of Assam.
  • The Bihu dance and the local cuisine – coconut laddoo, til pitha, ghila pitha, and fish pitika.
  • 14th or 15th April 2017
  • Celebrated by the Assamese diaspora around the world, especially in Assam.