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About RakshaBandhan

One of the famous festivals of India, Rakhi is celebrated among Hindu. Signifying the brother-sister bonding, during Rakhi, the sister performs Aarti (prayer), applies tilak, and ties rakhi (a sacred thread) on the brother’s wrist wishing his well being. The brother, in return, vows to protect the sister. Another festival which has strong similarity to Rakhi is Bhaidooj which comes just after Diwali.

  • It symbolizes the strong bonding of a brother and sister.
  • The ritual of Rakhi and the brightly decked up markets showcasing a colourful variety of rakhis and sweets.
  • 2017 - Monday,7th August
  • 2018 - Saturday ,25th August
  • 2019 - Thursday,15th August
  • 2020 - Monday,3rd August
  • 2021 - Sunday,22nd August
  • 2022 - Thursday,11th August
  • 2023 - Wednesday,30th August
  • Celebrated by Particularly in North, Central and West India.