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Durga Puja

About Durga Puja

One of the important Hindu festivals of India, Durga Puja is celebrated with grandeur by Bengalis, throughout the country. The 10 days of fast, feast, and worship of Goddess Durga are accompanied by cultural songs, dances, and dramas. Huge and beautiful Durga idols are made and placed in specially made artistic Pandals(canopies). People dress in traditional wear and go around the pandal – hopping, praying, and feasting.

  • It commemorates Lord Rama’s invocation of Goddess Durga before going to war with the demon king Ravana.
  • Plush pandals, incredibly beautiful ten armed Durga idols, and the puja.
  • 2017 - Saturday,30th September
  • 2018 - Friday,19th October
  • 2019 - Tuesday,8th October
  • 2020 - Sunday,25th October
  • 2021 - Friday,15th October
  • Kolkata and the metros are the best places to be in India during Durga Puja celebrations.